Credosoft recently completed work on the Alyeska Pipeline project.

Alyeska will benefit from Credo8: web-enabled RBI and Inspection Management Software that runs in a browser.

More updates soon.

Credosoft are now ISO 27001 – 2013 certified. Implementing and maintaining this standard ensures that Credosoft continues to demonstrate excellent data security practices, for the benefit of the organization and clients alike.

Credosoft are in the process of implementing Credo 8 at a major refinery in Singapore.

Progress has been good. Installation will include Credo 8 ‘s fully integrated API 581 RBI Module.

Credosoft are currently implementing SAP and RBI integration for the North Oil Company (NOC).

NOC is an oil and gas corporation in Qatar.

Credo 8’s SAP interface is fully-featured and bi-directional.

Credo 8’s RBI Module is API 581 2016 Level 1 compliant.

We are upgrading Inovyn Belgium to Credo 8 and RBI.

Inovyn are a chemicals company with over 4,000 employees.

Credo 8’s RBI Module is API 581 2016 Level 1 compliant

Credosoft have installed Credo 8 Asset Integrity Management System with RBI at INEOS UK.

INEOS is a multinational chemicals company.

See the menu above for a list of Credo 8 Modules, including API 581 RBI.

Credosoft recently deployed Credo 8 at GCE Refining California.

GCE (Global Clean Energy) is a refiner processing renewable fuels.

Credo 8 lets GCE inspection personnel access and analyze data over the internet.

Credo 8 is the only major AIMS and RBI software package to run in a web browser.

Credo has been developed over the past 25+ years to be the best available inspection management software package.

Credosoft are currently upgrading Dolphin Energy to Credo 8 Web-Based Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS).

This project includes implementation of Credo 8’s API 581 2016 Level 1  RBI Module.

A longstanding client of Credosoft, Dolphin Energy are a gas company in Abu Dhabi.

Credosoft implemented a new installation of Credo 8 for the Alyeska Pipeline in Alaska.

For this project, we collaborated with TEAM Inc., Houston.

Credo 8 will let the Alyeska inspection staff access and analyze all inspection data for the pipeline over the internet.

Credo 8’s Maps Module displays assets on a map, with color-coding based on risk.

The RBI Module gives inspection personnel full API 581-compliant analysis

Credosoft are in the process of completing deployment of Credo 8 at two major refineries in Texas.

Roll-out has been smooth.

Credo 8 will allow inspection personnel to access and analyze all inspection data over the internet.

Credo 8 is the only major Asset Integrity Management and RBI software package that runs in a web browser.

Building on more than twenty years of AIMS design and implementation, Credo 8 is the complete inspection data management system for Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Pipeline and other industries where inspection is key.