API 581 RBI Software

RP API 581 Level 1 2016.
Full integration with inspection history, equipment design data and process stream chemistry.
Full integration with quantitative 581 damage modelling.
Project-based for “What If” scenarios and archiving snapshot of risk analysis.
Graphical representation of POF and COF.


The risk of a piece of equipment is calculated in relation to the consequence and probability of failure. Both of these components are broken down for the user.

The COF tab details the result and process of the consequence of failure level. It encapsulates both financial cost and consequence area.


The POF tab graphs the probability of failure and overall risk of a piece of equipment over time.

Future mitigating inspections and user added inspections are displayed, as well as an updated POF prediction based on the effectiveness of those inspections.

Additional graphs showing the effect of individual damage mechanisms – and inspections specific to those damages – are shown separately.


The risk matrix is designed to show the RBI results in a clear, visual format. Its colours correspond to different levels of risk and can be customised as per client request.

Both unaltered and mitigated risk are displayed across a specified timeline.

The user can view the results in this format for individual pieces of equipment, or groups of equipment within an RBI project.


The complete inspection history of equipment is integrated seamlessly into the RBI.

Users can edit existing inspections, create new inspections and make use of the RBI generated mitigating events to adjust the probability of equipment failure.

In this environment, users are free to test the effect of different inspection strategies without compromising the original inspection data.

If a user wants to update the original data they are free to export their changes to the equipment database.