Some of our clients:

Credo Inspection Management System

Credo is a web-based Asset Integrity Management System incorporating RBI.
Web, Cloud and Mobile Integrity Management.
Static pressure systems; PRD; Structures.
Widely used in the Oil, Gas Chemicals and Power sectors.
Helps document requirements for Integrity Management Plans.
Improves plant reliability and safety whilst reducing unplanned maintenance and repair costs.
Runs in any web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and so on.
Suitable for managing inspection of static, rotating and other inspectable equipment.
Credo’s RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) module incorporates API 581 modeling.
In widespread use in the Oil and Gas industry as well as Chemicals Processing, Gas Processing and Pipeline Integrity Management. (Click here for a comprehensive list of clients.)
Credo is integrated with SAP and MAXIMO CMMS.
SAP integration: real-time notifications & work orders.
SSO authentication (Single sign-on; active directory; Google etc.).
Role-based security and permissions.
Multi-site / global deployment.
Custom development; modularisation of proprietary business tools.
USA support & services partnership with TEAM inc, Houston Texas.


Runs in any browser.
Runs on Windows, MAC, Linux.
Work from anywhere with internet access.
Single database for multiple sites.
Role-based security.
Management for all equipment types:
Corrosion Circuits.
All pressurised equipment, structures, PRDs etc.
Fully integrated RBI software (Including API 581 model).

Business Advantage

Unified integrity framework across multiple business units.
Rapid roll out for new business units.
Credosoft are an independent software provider.


ISO 27001 Certification
Credosoft are ISO 27001 – 2013 certified. Implementing and maintaining this standard ensures that Credosoft continues to demonstrate excellent data security practices, for the benefit of the organization and clients alike.


ISO 9001 Certification
Credosoft are ISO 9001-2015 certified. Implementing and maintaining this standard ensures that Credosoft continues to meet and exceed client expectations by way of adhering to a robust quality management system. This applies to both our commercial and technical aspects of the business.