Credo8 Modules


  • Full integration with inspection history, equipment design data and process chemistry
  • Full integration with quantitative 581 damage modelling
  • Project-based for ‘What if’ scenarios
  • Graphical representation of POF and COF


Alt Text
  • Drag, Drop and view AutoCAD (DWG) files into Credo
  • The integrated Credo viewer will render the drawing in the browser for viewing or download as a PDF
  • No extra software or additional licenses required. This is a 100% integrated Credo feature

Credo Mobile

Credo Mobile
  • Credo Mobile for integrity management in the field
  • Works online and offline
  • IOS, Android and Windows
  • Fully integrated into the cloud Credo Platform

Custom Reports

Custom Reports
  • Create almost any style and format
  • Incorporate Excel style automatic value calculation
  • Merge data from Credo database
  • Capture user editing and save to database
  • Automatic compilation of multiple page reports
  • Automatic insertion of pictures
  • Corporate branding and formatting
  • Custom design and layout tool

Damage Model

– API 581 standard damage models

– Integrated explorer to manage the damage on each object

– Damage types can be applied automatically using the integrated screening logic


  • Multi page KPIs configured to suit roles and teams
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • Automatic ‘Historian’ captures moving values
  • Avoid manually generating KPIs every month
  • Instant access to real-time data

Equipment Explorer

Equipment Explorer
  • Outlook / Excel style presentation of equipment lists
  • Easy navigation and search
  • Scroll through detailed data sheets
  • Standard pick lists for secure data validation

Fitness for Service

  • Fully integrated into inspection management
  • ASME B31 G
  • Graphical presentation of results
  • Level 1 and 2
  • Grid presentation available with heat map


  • Manage fluid stream for corrosion circuits
  • Fluid composition based on API standard fluid types

Inspection Explorer

Inspection Explorer
  • Create lists of inspection activities such as Due This Week, Due Next Month or Overdue
  • Browse inspection records on spreadsheet grid
  • View and edit inspection report on custom document template
  • Inspection records can contain photographs, PDFs, web links and other commonly used electronic documents

Material Library

Material Library
  • Design code
  • Grade
  • Stress Curve
  • Connects to Credo Damage Modeller

Point List

Point List
  • Corrosion monitoring points for any equipment or component
  • Capture corrosion readings
  • Automatic trending
  • API Half life calculation