Credo8 is our new new web-based application. Launch will take place in Q4 2017. Credo8 incorporates all-new design and technology. Credo8 is an HTML5 compliant application.

Hosting can be local or cloud-based. Credo8 has a simple interface design for ease of use and learning.

Please contact us for more information or to request a demonstration (On-site or via internet.)

Credosoft are currently implementing SAP and RBI integration for the North Oil Company (NOC).

NOC is an oil and gas corporation in Qatar.

Credo 8’s SAP interface is fully-featured and bi-directional.

Credo 8’s RBI Module is API 581 2016 Level 1 compliant.

The maps feature displays assets on Google Maps.

Plot equipment and facilities.

Colour coding based on Risk.

Credosoft are in the process of implementing Credo 8 at a major refinery in Singapore.

Progress has been good. Installation will include Credo 8 ‘s fully integrated API 581 RBI Module.

We added a new Fitness For Service module to Credo8.

Credosoft are now ISO 27001 – 2013 certified. Implementing and maintaining this standard ensures that Credosoft continues to demonstrate excellent data security practices, for the benefit of the organization and clients alike.

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a new RCM module. Planned release date: Q2 2018.

Please contact us for more information.

Credosoft recently completed work on the Alyeska Pipeline project.

Alyeska will benefit from Credo8: web-enabled RBI and Inspection Management Software that runs in a browser.

More updates soon.

Credosoft recently completed work on the Inovyn Belgium project.

Inovyn are a multinational chemicals corporation producing  raw materials for industry.

This project involved migrating legacy data using Credosoft’s rapid migration tools; writing new code specific for Inovyn’s business processes; training of staff and implementation of Credo 8 RBI and AIMS software.

We recently extended the corporate standard template for Credo to the new Cepsa Shanghai site. Features included SAP integration, KPI dashboards and report templates.