Credo 8 is an enterprise-level Inspection Data management System (IDMS) that runs in a web browser. Credo 8 incorporates a fully-integrated API 581-compliant RBI module. Credo 8 allows users in various sectors including: Oil and Gas; Chemicals Processing; Pipeline; and Power Generation to store and analyze all inspection-related data. Credo 8 handles inspection data related to almost any type of equipment, including pipes, tanks, valves, vessels and almost all other types of rotating or static equipment.

Credo 8 is in use around the world with major corporations in the Petrochemicals, Refining, Midstream, Chemicals Processing, Exploration and Production and Pipeline industries.

Credo 8 offers a wide range of flexible tools including:

… and many more (See MODULES menu option at the top of this page.)

At Credosoft, we can import your existing data from a wide range of sources including Excel, Ultrapipe and almost any other legacy system. Our proven, automated data migration tools let us accomplish transfer of data from your old software platforms into Credo in the minimum possible time. We can carry out a transfer of a portion of your data free of charge to prove our effectiveness. Click here to request a web demo.