If you are an existing customer using either Credo4 or Credo5, we can migrate you to Credo8.

We occasionally reach out on email to customers using legacy versions, but the best way to let us know you wish to migrate to Credo8 is to email us. We will send you some documentation on Credo8 and offer a demo.

If, after the demo, you would like to go ahead, we will open a project and create a Project Specification Document (PSDD) with all the requirements for your move to Credo8. Once the document is agreed and a purchase order is in place for the project, the work can begin.

Credo8 can be hosted in the cloud or on your premises.

Credo8 supports SQL Server as well as Oracle. If you are a Credo4 customer using Access, we would recommend a move to SQL Server during the migration. If you are a Credo5 customer on Oracle, you have the option to either remain with Oracle or move to SQL Server during the migration. All of your data and attachments will be kept during the migration.

Credo8 has the option to set up multiple language groups if you have users from around the world. The language from your existing Credo version will be used in the migration, along with our default translations for any new fields. If you are making use of the custom property tables OBJREL_PROP_U.. and EVENT_PROP_U.. these may be moved to new tables/fields during the migration to make the database clearer. Old views and items not used by Credo8 may also be removed.

Our staff will work with you to determine the views and property pages to create or copy from your existing Credo version. We will also recreate the player/user information based on what you have in Credo4 or Credo5.

A Test database will be set up where you can look at the work being done and have sessions with our staff to learn the new version. Once all the requirements in the PSDD are met, the rollout to Production can be scheduled. Typically, a day would be set where the legacy Credo version is stopped, the data is migrated to the new system, and the users then begin using Credo8 in Production. We also offer training on the new version to ensure the users are confident in using the software.

If you’d like more information or are considering a move to Credo8, contact us through the website contact form with your details and we will get back to you.