BP Midstream looks after the integrity of the Forties Pipeline System (FPS), which  is an integrated oil and gas liquid transportation and processing system, serving both UK and Norwegian sectors of the central and northern North Sea.

The system has a nominal capacity in excess of one million barrels per day and carries around 40% of the UK’s oil production. Oil and gas liquids are transported into FPS through pipelines from over 30 offshore fields and St Fergus gas terminals.

BP Midstream asset integrity team have used Credo for several years. The most recent project involved the deployment of the the Credo Workflow tool, development of asset reports and integration with Maximo.


  • Unify several business units spread over a wide geographic area
  • Compliance with HSE written scheme regulations
  • Paperless/file-less reporting system
  • Integrate RBI methodology into inspection planning
  • Integrate Maximo PM and Workorders
  • Several BP business processes were implemented using Credo Workflow
  • The planning, inspection and approval sequence is managed by Credo
  • Maximo Workorder and PM revision is also integrated into Workflow
  • Maximo equipment. PMs and Workorders are syncronized with the Credo database
  • PM frequencies are changed by the Credo user in real time