Take Control of All Your Information

  • You can have confidence that your information will always be available, secure and easy to access.
  • Credo gives you the tools you need to get the job done.

Helps You Comply With Regulations

  • Credo helps our clients comply with local, national and international standards.

Reports Look and Feel Like Word

  • Copy and paste
  • Insert pictures
  • Text formatting
  • And you can paste images into your reports

Manage Corrosion

  • Rapid data entry of thickness readings
  • Quick trend analysis
  • Import/export with electronic dataloggers
  • API-510 half life calculation

Flexible Enough to Store Any kind of Inspection Information

For example:

  • Visual Examinations
  • Ultrasonic thickness readings
  • X-Ray
  • Dye Penetration and many more

API 581

  • Simple, visual interface
  • Takes all the information from the Credo database
  • Integrates live inspection and corrosion data
  • No need to export and import to external tools
  • Supports a team based approach