Credosoft recently completed a major software implementation project for a multinational European Oil and Gas corporation:

  • 3 Geographic Locations
  • Central Database
  • On Time
  • On Budget
  • Completed in 12 months 2015-16
  • European & Middle East Sites

The requirements included the consolidation of data from three separate sites. Geographic locations were the UK, Denmark and the Middle East.



The final configuration consists of an Oracle database located in Germany. This single database contains inspection data for all three sites. This simplifies maintenance and administration. It also helps reduce costs.

Credosoft also supplied a web application. This provides access to inspection data from any web browser anywhere in the world – no need to install a desktop application. Features include management-level graphical dashboards merging data from all three sites.

Credo7 Dashboard


Technologies used included:

  • Credo 5
  • Credo 7
  • Oracle
  • Active Directory
  • RBA
  • RBI
  • SAP

Co-ordination between UK, Danish and Middle-Eastern teams went smoothly.

Tasks included:

  • Scoping the project for three Business Units (one UK, one Denmark and one Qatar)- aligning the different practises when possible
  • Data Migration
  • Oracle migration
  • Excel Imports (multiple formats
  • Work flow setup
  • Integrity statement (Calculation method to analyse the health of the plant – Red/Amber/Green)
  • Creation of C7 Dashboards this allows high level management to have an overview of KPIs
  • Training for the different Business Units
  • Dedicated documentation and videos
  • Credo5 and Credo7 Configuration to Meet Client Requirements
  • Training
  • Testing


  • SAP (bi directional – Functional Location/Equipment + Notifications)
  • OMS (Piping master data)
  • RBA (Custom setup for COF/POF and frequency output calculation)
  • RBI (API581)