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Credosoft recently completed work on the Inovyn Belgium RBI and AIMS project

Credosoft recently completed work on the Inovyn Belgium project. Inovyn are a multinational chemicals corporation producing  raw materials for industry. This project involved migrating legacy data using Credosoft’s rapid migration tools; writing new code specific for Inovyn’s business processes; training of staff and implementation of Credo 8 RBI and AIMS software.

ISO 27001 Certification

Credosoft are now ISO 27001 – 2013 certified. Implementing and maintaining this standard ensures that Credosoft continues to demonstrate excellent data security practices, for the benefit of the organization and clients alike.

Q1 2021: New Deployment of Credo 8 at GCE Refining California

Credosoft recently deployed Credo 8 at GCE Refining California. GCE (Global Clean Energy) is a refiner processing renewable fuels. Credo 8 lets GCE inspection personnel access and analyze data over the internet. Credo 8 is the only major AIMS and RBI software package to run in a web browser. Credo has been developed over the […]

Q1 2021: Dolphin Energy Upgrade to Credo 8 and New RBI

Credosoft are currently upgrading Dolphin Energy to Credo 8 Web-Based Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS). This project includes implementation of Credo 8’s API 581 2016 Level 1  RBI Module. A longstanding client of Credosoft, Dolphin Energy are a gas company in Abu Dhabi.