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Unlocking Pipeline Potential: The Power of Credo8 RBI Software

Credo8 RBI Software is ideal for managing inspection of PipeLines. Introduction: In the dynamic realm of industrial operations, pipeline management plays a vital role in ensuring smooth resource transportation. With ever-advancing technology, innovative solutions like RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) software have revolutionized how pipeline operators assess and maintain assets. In this blog post, we’ll explore the […]

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TotalEnergies Denmark – Upgrade from C4 to C8

Based in Esbjerg, TotalEnergies Denmark is the largest oil and gas operator in the Danish North Sea with over 1,800 employees and managing 85% of the national oil production and 97% of the national gas production. In 2018 Total S.A. acquired all of Maersk’s oil and gas activities, Maersk having been a Credosoft client since […]

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Mistras Group Inc. – C8, RBI & Report Studio

Headquartered in New Jersey USA, The Mistras Group is a multinational  provider of integrated technology-abled asset protection solutions. As part of Air Products global deployment of C8, the Mistras team has completed the work required to produce PRD RBI reports using Credo Report Studio and RBI modules. Credosoft is currently providing user training in Credo8 […]

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Air Products – update

With work beginning in 2022, and in addition to the migration of existing data, work has been continuing on the development of new functionality specifically for Air Products. The project deliverables include the building of interfaces for SAP and OpenText and implementation of additional modules; RBA, Damage Modeller, Workflow, Dashboards and RBI. First phase of […]

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Oceaneering – India | Dolphin Energy | Credo8 Upgrade | PRD Module

Since July 2022 Oceaneering have been working with Dolphin Energy Ltd to produce RBI plans for their site in Doha, Qatar. This project was completed in January 2023. In 2022, Dolphin Energy  upgraded to the latest release of C8 and the latest iteration of Credo RBI, including the Pressure Release Devices module (PRD) which is  […]